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About Me


At my core, I am obsessed with design and detail. Show me the design of a website or product and I can point out the design elements that make it great and the areas in which the design can be improved. Design is where I am most in my element.

I have spent the past ten years working outside of my element. During that time, I have developed the type of soft skills that have allowed me to effectively manage a large team and help each team member grow professionally, work cross-functionally with other teams to assure overall company goals are met, and cultivated strong client relationships to ensure client satisfaction.

In this moment, I am an aspiring UX/UI Designer. After a long detour in the Order Management and Finance field, I have decided to jump back into the creative field and pursue a career that brings me happiness and helps companies create a stronger and more intuitive user experience for their customer base. For the past year, I have been immersed in an extensive UX program that has helped me hone my skills as a UX/UI designer and has provided me with the fundamentals of UX/UI design that have helped me develop my style.

My style of UX and UI is simple: to understand what makes a business uniquely them and capture that personality in a design that tells their story.




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